How do you turn on the device?

Click the preheat button 5 times consecutively.

How do I know when the pen is on?

Press the preheat button and check if the indicator light is on. If the indicator light on the button lights up, the device is on. If the button does not light up, try turning on the device again by pressing the button 5 times consecutively, or recharge the device.

What is the preheat function?

There are 2 useful functions for the preheat capability. 1. To preheat more viscus oil (if the pen has been in cold weather) to more fluid oil for a better vapor intake. 2. Rarely, the ceramic center can become clogged when not used frequently, and the preheat function will heat up the oil releasing the blockage.

Why does oil leak out of the airflow holes?

Oil can occasionally leak out of the airflow holes when the device is not shut off, and is activated on accident for an extended period of time. Sometimes customers have put the device in their pocket or purse still turned on, and the button has become depressed while in that space. This can cause the oil to overheat and leak out of the air holes. We always recommend pressing the button 5 times consecutively after enjoying the Torch pen, to shut it off and prevent leakage.


What type of charger is compatible with the 1 gram, 2 gram, 3.5 gram, and 4 gram device?

All our devices are USB-C compatible. If you have an Android phone, any charger will work.


How long can I charge the device?

About 60 minutes maximum


How can I prevent the pen from overheating?

Shut off the pen by pressing the button 5 times consecutively after dosing. Also, do not press the preheat function frequently for extended periods of time.